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Curating Music for Digital Game Experiences
Posted by Giles Cassels & Juan Hernandez-Cruz
October 4, 2022

Recently, we talked in this space about the many ways you can integrate popular music into mobile gaming experiences—to improve gameplay, extend session times, generate revenue through in-app purchases, and even, in games like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, to create in-game “radio stations” that magnify the feeling of not just being a game player, but a game character.

Adaptr’s own, unique Music-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform, with APIs and SDKs that quickly connect your games to our huge library of pre-cleared popular major-label and indie music (the largest such library for growth-stage business in the US), makes it easier than ever to create these kinds of experiences.

We’re fortunate to have an amazing team of music curators at Adaptr that is constantly creating new, thematically-focused “featured playlists” our customers can use in whole or in part, or to serve as inspiration for their own playlists featuring other songs from our library.

Just in the past couple of weeks, we’ve introduced four new featured playlists curated by Juan Hernandez-Cruz, for games that range from “hyper-casual to hardcore.”

Gripping Suspense-1 Epic Action-1

Gripping Suspense. A quietly unnerving selection of music that sets a mood of intense anticipation, that prickly feeling that something big is about to happen—exciting, dreadful, explosive—so be ready.

Epic Action. Music that thrills and propels, that makes the pulse pound and the heart pump as gameplay explodes into thrilling battles, insane chase sequences, and final showdowns.

Melancholic Playful Puzzles

Melancholic Game Play. Songs that are more quiet, reflective, and contemplative, that work for both the hyper-casual (immersive puzzles) and the hardcore (like the aftermath of battle sequences), as quiet background or as moody soundscapes.

Playful Puzzle and Trivia. Songs with a lighter mood, drawing from upbeat jazz bops, funky grooves, and quirky digital explorations. Music that keeps synapses firing and the mind engaged in putting clues together or drawing out the right answer to a tough question.


These lists can even work together to drive stronger engagement. Think of a narrative arc, in which “Gripping Suspense” sets the mood for “Epic Action” sequences that resolve into “Melancholic Game Play” in the aftermath. Or how “Melancholic Game Play” and “Playful Puzzle and Trivia” can be intermixed for different puzzle types.

Try these new playlists in your game. We expect that they may inspire you to explore the full catalog, or peruse the rest of our expertly curated playlists including popular hits, era classics, genres, and more. Our filters help you find songs with just the right intensity, tone, energy, duration, beats per minute and more. And, our team of professional curators are just an email away. 

The best part is that you can use our turnkey SDKs to quickly integrate the music into your game experiences, and enjoy the thrill as your games breathe with life and captivate users. 


Get the right music to bring your mobile game features to life.




About Adaptr:

Adaptr offers a first-of-its-kind solution. Our APIs and SDKs for JavaScript, iOS, and Android offer startups quick, hassle-free, and affordable integrations of major- and indie-label music into gaming apps, often in as little as one day, ready for immediate streaming in their game apps. Our library of over 600,000 songs features pre-cleared music from popular artists and a wide variety of genres, with filters that enable developers to build playlists that fit the intensity, tone, and pace of the games they build. Adaptr deals with the labels, the licensing, the reporting, and the royalty payments, so developers can stay focused on building amazing games.


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