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From the Field: Live Music Returns to a Small Town in Colorado
Posted by Adaptr Team
October 4, 2022

Polish Ambassador comes to the banks of the Arkansas River to change a small Colorado River Town

For me, music comes in two forms.  The ephemeral nature (the here and now, the in-real-life-experiences) and the eternal (the thousands of records I keep at HQ on a vintage 1960 Grundig.)

Vintage 1960 Grundig Stereo Turntable


The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered the music landscape and adaptation is as key as ever.  As states begin to open back up, we are free to experience music in the ephemeral state with friends and family.

I wasn’t sure what live music would be like post-COVID, but this past July 4th weekend in the small town of Buena Vista, CO assured any fears.  Social distancing, hygiene stations, and the works were in play to keep concert attendees safe and sound.


Polish Ambassador takes to the stage in Buena Vista, CO.  July 2021


For the first time in what feels like forever time, I was able to interact with friends in the community at a concert.  There is a certain power to the collective “we” and a shared experience.  A thunderstorm that shutters us to the porches, the “drop” after a big crescendo from Polish Ambassador, all together, as one.

Polish Ambassador Buena Vista, CO July 2021


But that is not the only power of music, while we get back out there and see live shows lest we not forget what got us through this pandemic - the eternal power of music.

Confined to abodes and homes, we all fired up the Bluetooth speakers and experienced a depth and breadth of music we probably haven’t previously encountered because of a circumstance.  And while that circumstance is awful, we persevered with the power of eternal music, listened to our favorites, discovered new gems, and LISTENED more than ever before. 


Volume Knob Close Up


As a human species we adapt, and our adaptations are powered by music in its ephemeral and eternal states. 

As you get back out on the town for live shows, be kind, rewind, and remember why the collective “we” loves music. - Brian Krist, Team Adaptr


Here at Adaptr, we listen, we adapt, and we pursue the power of music.

From the Field: Live Music Returns to a Small Town in Colorado

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