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Looking to Build an App Experience for Music Lovers?
Posted by Lauren Pufpaf
October 4, 2022

A music API is your best bet to get up and running.

What types of Music APIs exist?

Many widely available APIs are offered for free, but their primary purpose for the business is to gain new users. For example, the Spotify API enables 30 second song previews for free users, but if you want to search for and hear a full song, you need to subscribe to a premium account. Similarly, the Apple Music API allows your users to play music from their local library through your app. However, if your app detects that they are not yet an Apple Music member, they will have to sign up for a paid subscription.

If, instead, you’d like your users to be able to listen to full tracks without authenticating on another platform or signing up for another service, you can leverage a paid API and then give the content to your users as part of their experience.

Adaptr’s API falls into this category - all tracks are pre-cleared for usage in your app.

One of the big advantages for businesses is the ability to quickly integrate music and music functionality with a single click-through license. Your business is also shielded from scrutiny by rightsholders and, as long as you adhere to the Terms of Service, you can get commercial music out to your users quickly and without licensing headaches.

There are two major advantages to this approach:

1. Time to market

Traditionally, if you want to license music from rightsholders, you have to conduct protracted negotiations with multiple parties. For startups trying to get to market quickly, this just doesn’t work. 

2. No up-front capital investment

Cash advances are commonly required for direct deals with rightsholders. Additionally, expensive lawyers and consultants are often needed to work through the process. With Adaptr, you can be up and running with a credit card in minutes.

There are multiple means to integrate music depending on your needs, we have mobile native SDKs and our JavaScript SDK.

Here’s the quick summary of how it works:

- We license music for playback on the web and custom applications.
- We collect, encode, and stream that music over the Internet to apps that use our SDKs.
- We ensure that music playback adheres to licensing restrictions and requirements (both visual and playback) and we report song plays to labels, publishers and all rightsholders.
- We collect and report music usage so you will have full visibility into when, where, and what is being streamed

Ready to create the next big thing? Adaptr can help make it happen.

- Fully licensed music 
- Significantly streamline time to market
- Retain control of your user’s music experience
- Complete transparency in reporting



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