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How popular music sets the tone for groundbreaking apps
Posted by Adaptr Team
October 4, 2022

Add the Adaptr SDK to integrate popular music in your app

How popular music sets the tone for groundbreaking apps

Can you think of a popular app that isn’t intrinsically linked to music?  Whether social, chat, fitness, gaming or otherwise, music is central to any successful product experience.  Users expect that music will be a part of your app - whether it is swiping right - or swiping the sweat off their brow.

We launched Adaptr to help startups fulfill this important element of product design, and succeed in the ever-evolving app ecosystem that is as noisy as ever.

One way to get a leg up on your competition is having popular, contemporary, hit music throughout your product experience. With Adaptr you can stream today's hits and timeless classics to keep users engaged from onboarding to upgrade. The depth and breadth of our catalog can fit any need or user profile.


Adaptr. We've got an API for that.


Businesses that invest in music integration are reaping the rewards. Industry leaders in fitness, social, and gaming startups rely on music to drive engagement events and retention actions. We took a look at the data and it checks out - in-app music helps create 4.5x more time in-app, a 70% lift in key metrics, and 2x day 30 retention growth, with users extending their session time with your product by up to 630%. *

* Usage, Retention & Subscription Data Study 


music for millenials


It's clear that engaging, creating, and vibing with music is what drives the consumer base of the millennial and Gen Zed app users. Instagram stories, Tik Tok videos, WhatsApp, and casual games - all require music to stay on top of the app charts.

Without in-app music, none of those products see the high-scale growth and success they are currently experiencing.

What would a Tik Tok dance video look like without a bangin’ tune? Why play MarioKart64 without the back beat? What’s sending my best friend an Instagram story without including the soundtrack of my life?


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And it's not just about having music in your app, it is about having the right music, at the right time, integrated into your product.  That is why we have a dedicated squad of industry vets curating playlists and music collections - all day every day.  Whether you’re looking for a new TikTok star, an old Brazilian soul all-star, or a familiar pop hit - we have an extensive catalog to feed your app, the right music, at the right time.


Adaptr Music Catalog Search


The applications for Adaptr are endless. 

I’ve worked as a local radio DJ where we've imported CDs, spun old wax, and had a thousand workarounds to get the right music on in front of listeners. But what if you had a plug and play solution to integrate a custom a radio station in your app–think Grand Theft Auto Vice City.  Now, imagine that you can launch this with a pre-curated mix, and update it on the regular for your users. 

You can create a fluid vibe that’s as fresh as it is recognizable, not just the same 20 songs on repeat from a game cartridge.  That’s how we adapt.


popular music for apps


So get started with Adaptr, grab our SDK, and hit us up with any questions. We can help create a great user experience with music in your app today.


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