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New Music Collection: Summer Vibes
Posted by Tyler Schiro
October 4, 2022

School's out, the heat has arrived, and vacations are in motion. It's summertime!

Music works wonders year round, but there's something about music in the summer that feels especially vital. Everyone loves to turn up the volume and enjoy their favorite songs during the lazy, hot months.

For developers and entrepreneurs looking to create a fitness, dance, gaming and/or social app that needs music, our new Summer Vibes playlist is tailor-made. For the full experience, kick off your shoes and enjoy a cold drink while exploring these Summer Vibes songs. Adaptr’s click-through licensing platform is available to all startups looking to add popular music to their product

Summer Vibes Music - Curated Playlist from

Curious what other themed music playlists are available to Adaptr customers? Click here to browse all of our Collections. You can drag and drop any of the curated playlists into your app or pick and choose the songs that best suit your users. With our self-serve platform and SDK docs, you can implement and start streaming music in your app or game immediately.

Adaptr is made for early stage companies, and there are precise boundaries on size, revenue, and funding for the companies we support. The tool is purpose-built for startups looking to work their way through Ideation, then onto Product Market Fit. Once those milestones are reached and it’s time to scale, we also assist in introductions and guidance for working directly with rightsholders. 

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