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License and Stream bitbird Music for Apps with Adaptr
Posted by Adaptr Team
October 4, 2022

Now you can integrate the sounds of popular bitbird artists with Adaptr's in-app music solutions.


Are you looking for new anthems to take your in-app music to the next level? With a roster of artists performing at the world's largest electronic festivals, bitbird is stocked with music designed to energize your app's users.

Check out Eastghost's "Eyes In The Back Of My Head" and Taska Black's "Empower" the best workout music to help digital fitness app users push through those last few sets.

Need something to help app users stay focused? "Over" by Khamsin will tune out those thoughts tripping up your next step forward.

Set the tone with in-app music that encourages users to step back and reflect. Duskus' "Know Why" provides the inspiration to keep customers engaged. 


BitBird Artists Rome in Silver East Ghost Taska Black


Established in 2014 by dance and electronic artist San Holo, bitbird exists as an independent record label designed to foster a freely creative space. After almost a decade of releases, bitbird has amassed a nest of many talented artists, each forging their own unique lane. 




Adaptr makes music licensing easy for apps and digital startups.

Adaptr is a first-of-its-kind platform giving developers and early-stage companies a place where they can immediately incorporate popular music into apps, connected devices, websites and AR/VR experiences. Adaptr ensures copyrights are carefully tracked and fairly monetized by providing developers with a robust and secure API. We offer SDKs that handle basic audio playback and native device control integration, along with various supporting views and controllers to support your user interface.







Pictured above:
bitbird founders: Sander van Dijck (San Holo) and Thorwald van den Akker
bitbird artists: Rome in Silver, East Ghost, and Taska Black.

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